About Us

AGT (subsidiary of MMMM NEtwork LLC,U.S.A) was founded in May 2013.Our Innovative business strategies with advanced technologies and superlatively experienced team have made AGT a unique security solutions provider in Myanmar.Our Intention is to provide advanced security services to Goverment agencies, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Public and private Organizations and Myanmar Nationals.

How we are Different

  1. We provide total solutions-from design to implementation, roll out, service and maintenance.
  2. We throughly understand the different levels of security due to which we eqipped to offer tailor made solutions for each client, and not general prescriptions, Hence we can advice on threat perceptions.
  3. Our dedicated R&D team continuously improves current solutions and brings new one into our portfollo from best sources in the world.
  4. We can advice on existing operating systems and make the system more secure.
Our Mission

  1. To Provide advanced turnkey security Solutions
  2. To provide national security using the most advanced technologies
  3. To create new high-tech job opportunities for Myanmar citizens
Turnkey Solutions

  1. Construction & Engineering
  2. Solar Power System
  3. E-Government System & Networking
  4. CCTV & Surveillance System
  5. Access Control System>
  6. Secure Electronic Identification(EID)
  7. X-Ray Machines Inspection System
  8. Security Products & Solution